The King and The Lionheart

Fic title: The King and The Lionheart
Author name: pathossam
Artist name: ameraleigh
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Word count: 51.k
Warnings: one scene of het sex.
Summary: Getting the Mark of Cain off Dean ended up being the last straw. Without allies or a reason to keep hunting, Sam and Dean Winchester leave their old life behind them in flames. They re-emerge from the ashes as Sam and Dean Wesson, residents of Misty Luna, Maine--a town with a personality all its own. As they settle into civilian life, they gain careers, a home, good friendships and the kind of fulfillment they never thought possible. But with nothing left to fight, the underbelly of their particular kind of love is thrown into sharp relief, especially considering the whole town thinks they’re married, anyway. After dancing around their feelings for the past twenty years, Sam and Dean find a peace they never knew existed, and through it all, they find each other again. And maybe, just maybe, forever. Curtain!fic. Canon divergence after 10x21, “Dark Dynasty.”
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